Friday, August 28, 2015

[CAESAR LUCKY]: Punggol Waterway Park

4 July 2015, Lucky and I went to Punggol Waterway Park together with our paw-rents.  It's very fun day and it's our first time sat on the tricycle which our paw-rent fetching us.  

Here's our fun pictures:

hehe~ first time sit on this tricycle 

Me and Lucky very happy

Lucky happy face

Mum & Dad stopped at the place for us to drink some water and mummy brought us to some place take few photos.

Mummy, you're tooo far away from me.

Hello ^^

Wuhoo~~~ keep on cycling~

Mummy, daddy is in front of us~~

XP daddy, mummy is beside us~ so much fun!

hei hei hei ^^

Are you finish? I want to drink it too!

We're too tired & sleep inside our paw-rent's car but we have a lots of fun and nice weekend.  It's unforgotten memory for us.  
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[LUCKY]: Our New Member

Welcome to our new member of Lucky, the sable Shetland Sheepdog, male, Aussie breed, 6 years old, horoscope Libra, birthday on 15 October.  

Lucky is a beautiful and sweet dog.  He loves to be pet by people.  And one of the most surprised is he likes our daddy.  So, my daddy also like him very much.  

This is me and Lucky first time outing at the Tanjong Beach, Singapore.  Look how funny he is,

He is so handsome when he is wearing my life jacket.

Lucky actual name is Yuki.  And daddy decided to change his name to Lucky.  All of us like Lucky very much.  He's very calm man.  Every night, we sleep together, we eat together, we play together.    
Wish Lucky stay strong and healthy always.  We love him a lot.
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Friday, May 29, 2015

Fetch 'n' Treats Toys

Our paw-rents bought a new toys for us from Malaysia.  Taaa-daaahhh~

Have you guys play it before?  When our paw-rents get this out and put it on the floor, me and Caesar feel scared and don't know what's this for.  Until our paw-rents throw a tennis ball out, we pick the ball and give our paw-rents. Our Paw-rents keeps on ask us to put the ball into this toys on top of the "hole" >.< We don't listen to them and keeps on give them the ball.

It's looks like our paw-rents want to teach us how to play this toy.  Honestly, we don't really want to play with this toy cause don't know what it is.  Paw-rents very patiently to ask us to put the ball into this toy on top of the hole.  Caesar doesn't want to listen and just sitting there.  So, I'm the only one who listen to paw-rents and keep on trying to catch the tennis ball and put it in.  Finally, yes! I got in then only I know why our paw-rents want us to play this games with them, we got treats to eat after fetch the ball in.

See this video, I trying so many times to put the ball in.

Then after, I play regularly and practice more even there's no treats for me.  Now, I'm a perfect shooter.

I think because of me and Caesar eat too much of the treats and we're the perfect shooter.  Our paw-rents keep the tennis ball and don't let us to play it.  So, Caesar catches another ball which looks like the tennis ball and put the ball into the toys.  And, I follow what is he doing.  Our paw-rents they know what are we doing, they're just laughing there and say the "no" to us.  Are we doing wrong?

I follow what Caesar doing and noticed that the ball is not coming out.  So, I go and find our paw-rents help then paw-rents said the ball is not for this toy.  Only I know that I'm doing wrong to follow naughty Caesar.  Thought he so smarts get another ball to play together.

We love to play this game very much.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[ANGEL] 1 year old Barkday

26 April 2015 Sunday

Today is Angel bark day.  Happy Barkday to her!

How do we celebrate barkday with her?
We bring her and Caesar to the park and dog run.  Just let them run and play with others dog for few hours.  We think this is the happy things to do for them - run run run~ They love it!

At night, we celebrate a cake with Angel.  I think she doesn't know today is her birthday! but she only knows the cake looks pretty and good taste.

The birthday cake we ordered are from Pawoof which they can make the cake very cute and especially the figurine looks like Angel.  Wish her healthy and happy always. 

Beef and Cheese

Sharing the birthday cake with Caesar.   And they finished all! We can feel they very like to eat the cake.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

[CAESAR ANGEL] Sengkang Riverside Park

7 February 2014

Sengkang Riverside Park is one of four parks located on the North Eastern Riverine Loop of the Park Connector Network.  With the Punggol Reservoir, also known as Sungei Punggol, running through it, Sengkang Riverside Park is calm and tranquil. Featuring a constructed wetland and rich biodiversity, it is a favourite of nature lovers.  Source

The park is new and our paw-rents allow us to run on the green grass just for a while.  



Take a good rest, then we walk to another side of SengKang Park.

Our Paw-rents walks us together to another side of SengKang Park - the bridge

Selfie - What 's he doing?

My Tired Face

The Park is connect to Punggol Water Way.  

Walk together to Punggol

We walk until here~  And going back to SengKang Park 

See next Post =)

See you next Post~
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