Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[ANGEL] 1 year old Barkday

26 April 2015 Sunday

Today is Angel bark day.  Happy Barkday to her!

How do we celebrate barkday with her?
We bring her and Caesar to the park and dog run.  Just let them run and play with others dog for few hours.  We think this is the happy things to do for them - run run run~ They love it!

At night, we celebrate a cake with Angel.  I think she doesn't know today is her birthday! but she only knows the cake looks pretty and good taste.

The birthday cake we ordered are from Pawoof which they can make the cake very cute and especially the figurine looks like Angel.  Wish her healthy and happy always. 

Beef and Cheese

Sharing the birthday cake with Caesar.   And they finished all! We can feel they very like to eat the cake.

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