Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[CAESAR] 1 Years Old Barkday

8 October 2014 (Wednesday)

Today is my birthday.  My Pawrents takes leave to stay at home accompany & celebrate my birthday.  Mummy and Daddy decided to bring me and Angel to our favorite place which is dog run at Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park.  Run for Free~  this is our favorite part to do so.

my tired face

Angel and I playing the whole afternoon at dog run here.  We are super tired right now.  Mummy and Daddy said it's time to go home.  So, we are going home now~

When we reached home, suddenly, Mummy bring out a cake from the fridge.  Oh Yeah~ Mummy and Daddy brought me a birthday cake which I don't know.  Wulalala~

The Birthday cake looks like a wedding cake.  Do they buy wrong cake for me? hmm.. anyway, as long as it's a cake that I can eat enough for me~ hehe~

The end of my birthday celebration story today.

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