Saturday, February 7, 2015

[CAESAR ANGEL] The Poodles Cafe

01 December 2014 (Monday) Mummy brings me to the park today and at night daddy comes to meet us at the park together with Angel for dinner.

Here are the pictures mummy takes for me when we walking to the park.  Stop at some places to take pictures.

About 6.30 p.m, daddy brings Angel from home to the park for picking us up for dinner.  Dad said he wants to bring us to a newly dog cafe for dinner and the cafe is very pink.  *Mummy like pink* hmmmm....  The cafe name "The Poodles Cafe."

Finally, we reached the cafe.  The whole cafe you can see from our photo is all pink colors and it has two floors.  So, the waitress brings us up to the second floor.  Dad said this cafe has in-house Poodles, Angel and I go to make a friend with them but looks like some of poodles not really welcome us maybe we're different breed from them.

Which poses do you like? The left view or the right view?

is it got new customer coming in?

Hi, my name is Caesar.  Can I be your friends?

a big smile

Hi, can I play with you guys?

Hi, my name is Angel.  Can I join?

Here's our dinner, Spinach and Salmon.

We finished it

Hehe.. Photobomb Angel

Close-up shoot

Here's our Paw-rents desserts, the ice-cream waffles.  Look tasty~

End of the day, Singapore has got Poodles cafe so when will have a Shetland Sheepdogs cafe? Happy to meet them and very cute & nice restaurant.  The food also delicious.

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