Thursday, November 6, 2014

[CAESAR] First Time Groom at Kawaii Pet Grooming Center Singapore

14 May 2014, It's my first time to go to a grooming center to groom my hair.  My pawrents said my hair is very messy, so want to bring me go to trim my hair become neat.  I think it's ok and where are the grooming center they bring me go?  It's was my first time to do a full grooming.  My daddy said,"he wants to bring me go doggylicious but they didn't open for today."  So, he decided to bring me go Kawaii Pets Grooming Center. 

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When I go there, I pretty excited how they are going to groom my messy hair? and hope they can cut my hair & bath me nicely.  My daddy was working today so he brought me and mummy to the place and drop us off there.  Mummy was waiting there outside the counter about 2 hrs.

Finally already finished and I very miss my mummy on this 2 hrs.  I pretty fast to run over to my mummy when the groomer put me down on the floor.  Mummy saw me, and I saw she is laughing.  I thought she is very happy to see me but actually she is laughing on me about my cutting. :( I thought I'm pretty handsome as I didn't manage to see myself in the mirror.  My mummy keeps on laughing laughing and when the groomer asking her is it ok? She said,"ok." but what i think is actually not ok at all.  Mummy called daddy comes and pick us up.  Daddy coming and he also laugh on me. :( Is it that funny? 

This was my first cut and styling.  I think it's must be very funny because after the cut my mummy kept on laughing when see me and my dad too.  It's so frustrating as they laugh on me without praise me at all. After we reached home, I asked mummy to show me, I wanna see my look.  Mummy brings me to her bedroom and show me in front of the mirror.  At first, I 'm scare to see it but after that I'm dare to see it.

Who is this guy?

This is the before & after picture.  I'm look so weird in this cutting by the groomer.  My mummy said I'm look like Shi-Ba-Inu when she first saw me after cutting & styling.  I'm so ugly. =(  I don't like this cutting & styling, not nice at all and the cutting like unbalanced.

Atleast my pawrents didn't ask for the groomer cut a lion style.  I'm lucky if not sure a lot of people laughing cause kinda ugly.

End of the post, I saw my pawrents paid for the full grooming to the staff is S$60 as we're non-member and I'm medium size.  And they did ask us to be member but mummy & daddy said think about it as we are not always to go for grooming.  They just want me to try and enjoy the bath & hair cut but I can feel it they will not bring me to go again as the cutting it's very funny and know I doesn't like it.

After few days, they think my look is kinda ok already.  Just the first two days, they woke up saw me will keeps on laughing.  

Actually it's a good things that I can make them laugh.  :) 

For more info about Kawaii Pet?  Please click here.

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