Tuesday, November 4, 2014

[CAESAR ANGEL] Sembawang Park, Singapore

27 September 2014, It's a very hot afternoon that our pawrents bring us to Sembawang Park.  They heard that Sembawang Park got a new dogrun.  So, they bring us to here and have some fun.We

Sembawang Park is located in the north of Singapore, where the road meets the coastline overlooking Johor, is Sembawang Park.  The park is very clean and beautiful.  And there's a Sembawang Beach is one of the few natural sandy beaches remaining in Singapore, Sembawang Jetty and we walk to the Beaulieu House, it's a seaside restaurant and venue for weddings and parties but it's not a pet friendly restaurant.  So, we have to take some pictures with the soldier just outside the restaurant. 

There after, we walk to the dog run.  The dog run very clean as it's still new but not as big as like the Bishan Dog Run.  We make few new friends border collies and others dog.  After an hour, my pawrents decide to go home.  

We have a great and fun trip in Sembawang Park.

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