Friday, October 31, 2014

[CAESAR ANGEL] Tanjong Beach, Singapore

18 October 2014, Today was our first time go out together to Tanjong Beach, Singapore.  I was so excited and happy but don't know how's Angel feel? Angel still cannot adapt it inside the car.  So, she vomit after we arrived at the place.  Hope she can faster adapt the feeling and we can go many places together.

In the April 2014, I was alone to Tanjong Beach with my pawrent but now I got another family member accompany me to Tanjong Beach to see beautiful things.  Nowadays, I'm not alone anymore.

Here're the photos we captured 

Angel  very happy when lay down on Mummy legs

This is how Angel look after swimming~  Angel likes to swim because she dares to go near to the sea without our pawrents and when she wants to get in swim, she asked for mummy helps~

I doesn't like to swim but I feel very tired running on the sand.  

Lastly, I heard my pawrents said they will bring us come again and they want to buy a life jacket for me and swim together with Angel.  I'm like OMG~ I don't like swimming they know it why they still want me to swim?  ;(  

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