Friday, October 17, 2014

[CAESAR] 5 commands I have learnt

14 February 2014, After I knew where to pee&poo, my mummy start to teach me another things, the command of "sit, stay, wait and ok" which applies to my feeding method.
From the beginning, mummy feed me 3 times per day (morning 7 a.m., afternoon 3 p.m., and evening 7 p.m.).  The morning one is OK but until afternoon, mummy used the automatic pets food feeding to feed me, and I will poo after having my food within an hour so before mummy come home I will eat the poo that I poo on the floor because nobody would like to clean it.
After several occasion, mummy started to notice that I love clean environment, so once I poo at the pee tray I will not go to the pee tray to pee.  I will pee at another place (on the floor) the 2nd choice I made, for the poo if mummy did not clean it I will eat my own poo cause it's still contains the smell of my food so decided to eat it.  When I ate it, mummy will scold me cause I'm still as a puppy don't know that's my poo.  So, mummy decided to change my food feeding from twice per days instead of three times per days.  In the afternoon, mummy will feed me dessert like cake, banana or apple. 
One day, mummy brought a powder form came back home and make my dinner.  She puts the powder smell like mint flavor and add a teaspoon onto my food for me.  *I don't know what is it* but it's name S.E.P.  It's Stop Eat Poo?  I asked mummy, and she told me that this powder is to make my poo become bitter thus many puppy dislike this kind of smell and won't eat the poo again.  *omg! why human have to do this? *

After mummy put this powder S.E.P onto my food, it's look really work on me.  I started not to eat my poo and leave my poo on my pee tray.  I don't human will like it I'm not going to eat it.
Go back to the point, how do I learn the commands my mummy taught me?
I think I'm pretty smart and good.  My mummy didn't spend a lot of time to train me hard.  So, when I sees my mummy holding my food and I just automatically sit (indeed for all dogs see all the food will sit down) and she gave me a command and said "Sit". *I knew it*  Then when mummy put down my food on the floor of cause I anxiously want to eat but mummy showing her hand with 5 fingers in front of my food to ask me "stay" & "wait", if not she will taking away of my food. *oh no!* I'm waiting and waiting ... and finally she push me to the food and said "OK".  So, does it mean OK to eat? Yes! I guess so! ha-ha

After I get used to the 4 commands, mummy starts to leash me at home to let me familiar with the leash * I hate leash and I don't know why they want me to wear it.*  Finally, I know what to do with the leash.  It's bring me out to see the world, outside the my home got so many attractive things to see.  * I love the leash now!*   Mummy trains me for few days with the leash and finally I can get out walk with the leash together with my mummy.  They brought me to a park I think it's quiet new our home.
This is my first walk and first experienced in the park with the society connect to the world.

It's so amazing and fun! I love the place.  Shortly after, mummy brought me to a small place got the fence surrounds the whole place but guess what I see inside? I saw same type of me! Puppies and doggies playing around there.  I'm gonna join them.  *hurray*

I was having so much fun with them.  And they're my first friends.  After that, I run with my mummy and take some drink at the dog run park.  *I heard they said this place called dog run*

After playing around at the dog run, mummy and dad brought me to the East coast Park beach side.  The first time I been to the beach.  *Beach (0.0)  Finally arrived here, I had so much fun at the beach side but I really don't like the sound of wave hitting on the shores, I don't dare to go near to the sea, so I just play on the sand.

I had so much fun and I feel the world is so beautiful to me.

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