Monday, October 20, 2014

[CAESAR] Officially 5 months old

08 March 2014, I'm officially 5 months old.  Yeay~!  And I have a date with my best friend Smokey on 22 March 2014.  We going to meet at the Pet Movers dog run.  We were so fun at here.  We were jumping here and running there around the whole field.  We're so happy.

I know my mummy was taking my photo.  So, I pose it for her then I can write my blog here.  See my 4 continuous selfies photos.  =) hehe ^^ am I very good to play selfie?  And my best friend Smokey also not bad, he also very good in selfie photo.  No wonder we can be so best friends.

This is my first jump when I'm playing with my best friend Smokey.

We stayed here for few hours and is time to go home.  I felt very tired and fall asleep in the car.

29 March 2014, my mummy bought a bow tie for me.  I don't like it but my mummy said I wear it very handsome asked me to wear it if can.  OK! I wore it to let my mummy take few photos. What do you think? I think I'm pretty handsome.


It's time to say good night ~ End my post today.

Good night ♥

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