Monday, October 20, 2014

[CAESAR] Tanjong Beach, Singapore

12 April 2014, I'm officially 6 months old already.  My Pawrents brought me to Tanjong Beach Sentosa Singapore today which is a pet's friendly beach.  And Aunty Michelle was follow us too~ 

This was the picture my mummy took for me when I'm sitting on the beach.  This was the second time I been the beach.  The first beach I been was in East Coast Park, that beach I cannot swim but this Sentosa Beach I can swim and it's a beautiful beach I seen.  I was sitting on the sand and sight seeing enjoy this beautiful beach.

Then, my mummy was going to swim with Aunty Michelle.  And I was with my daddy playing on the sand.  

Wow~ Beautiful

See the sand on my nose~

After I very enjoy to run and play on the sand with my daddy.  My mummy brought me to swim.  The first time I swimming at the sea.  

If you ask me, "am I like to swim?" I would say, "No! I don't like to swim. I doesn't like the sound of the wave but I have fun on the sand not the sea."  Definitely, I will go again with my Pawrents. 

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