Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[ANGEL] Join our family first day

18 June 2014, A surprised day to me.  My pawrents suddenly came back home with a cage at night.  I was thinking who is that inside the cage.  When they open the cage, a female puppy come out from the cage.  She was so cute & feminine to me but she looks like doesn't like us as she seems to be scare and freak out.

Once my pawrents release her out from the cage, she just running around woofing for help, and peeing around the house, I was surprised that my pawrents didn't smack her but treat her very well. I try to walk over to intro myself to her but she seems to be in a shock state and not want to be friend with me. She keep on woofing around crying for her mother and her siblings, i want to tell her that I'm her new family member from today onwards but she doesn't want to listen to me.

After finally settle her down, it's bed-time. As usual i will sleep on my nice comfy bed inside my pawrents room together while she being lock in a cage in the living hall. She keeps on screaming and howling the whole night till my dad can't take it anymore, and also he scared will awake the neighbours, so he walk out to the living hall and scolded her, seems after that she become quiet and we finally have a peaceful sleep that night.

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