Monday, October 20, 2014

[CAESAR] Test Shoot at Home

26 July 2014, I'm officially 9 months old.  My daddy was very free today and he took out his DSLR camera out to give me a test shoot at home as he very long time didn't used his camera. I'm fine to be his model.

Here's the photo that my daddy shoot me, what do you think?

I think I'm pretty handsome in all the photo.  I'm very satisfied with all the photos that my daddy took on me.  Great Job, Dad!  Then after, my mummy noticed my daddy was playing around with his DSLR then she came after to daddy and said she wanna play too and asked me to be her model as well.

I'm started to feel boring after.  Here's the photo that my mummy took on me, she used her Teddy Bear took photo together with me and the Goofy too~

It's so tired to be a model but I kinda enjoy the photoshoot with my pawrents.

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